About Restorations Illustrated CDs

Welcome. Restorations Illustrated is a CD based series documenting the history and restoration of some of the most unique and historic aircraft in museums today.

The series is a result of the many thousands of photographs that I have taken over the years to supplement my compulsion for detailing various miniature aircraft, the love of aviation, the pursuit of history and the documenting of the dedicated efforts to restore these airplanes to their former glory. Many of the airframes that will be highlighted in this series have been restored to flying condition in order to enable younger generations to experience the sights and sounds of these magnificent machines.

As a modeler, I often take photographs of the various components of airplanes from many different angles, subscribing to a "more is better" philosophy. For this CD series I am continuing this practice of "more is better" so that those of you who also build models will perhaps find that one special photograph that will enable you to detail that certain part.

The chapters of this series will include:

  • A historic overview of the noted aircraft;

  • If possible a thorough history of the specific airframe;

  • Interviews with the restoration companies highlighting the challenges of the restoration effort and with pilots that flew or fought against the type of airplane being showcased;

  • List of surviving aircraft;

  • Video clips of vintage action, flyby's and systems tests;

  • Model section noting current plastic models available and highlighting completed models by some of the most noted and respected builders of such miniatures;
  • Specific photo chapters showing photos of:
    Nose Engine
    Canopy Cockpit
    Fuselage Wings
    Landing Gear Tail
    Tech Manuals

Enjoy this series for what it is, an assemblage of photos for the history buff, aviation nut, modeler, and one who appreciates the dedication of museum owners and pilots to preserve these aircraft. It is rare to be able to capture these restorations in process, and it is hoped this series will establish the benchmark for documenting future restorations.

This CD is best viewed in 1024 x 768 resolution, although it can be viewed in 800 x 600 resolution by scrolling with the use of the slider bars at the bottom and to the right of the page.

To view the photos you will need an imaging program that can read .jpg files. Most Windows based computers come with a media player or image reader that can read these files, as do all web browsers.

A few words on how to best navigate the CD's. The main chapter pages are established in a 'frames' setting, and you may navigate backwards using the 'Back' button just below the BUFFIE's BEST logo in the left frame.

Once you click on the sub-chapters containing photos, a new page will open in a web browser format, which will allow you to go 'back' using the normal browser mode. For best viewing of the photos, maximize your browser page.

We have arranged the photo pages in this manner so that you may print the detailed restoration photos. To return to the main chapter page just click the 'close' button (the red X) in the upper right corner of your browser page.