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Restorations Illustrated CD's:

"I just wanted to let you konw that the "Buffies Best" CD you sent me arrived on September 17. I was very impressed by such rapid service."
-Amanda E.

"I received a copy of Buffie's Best, BF109G-10 photo essay and more. All I can say is, Wow! There's all you could want (other than real paint chips) contained on this CD at a reaonsable price. Lot's of work went into the production of this CD. As I'm keen on 109's, I think that it will be an invaluable tool for the construction of BF109 kits. Good stuff, Derek!"
-Rob K.

"I got my CD and it is great! What a bounty of reference material! The restoration pictures alone were worth the price, but the manual extracts really clinched it for me as an added bonus."
- Larry Cherniak

"This is REALLY top class stuff"
- Vincent Kermorgant

"Great job and very interesting"
- Mikael Olrog

"GREAT! I'm impressed by the number of photos"
- Dekker Thierry

"I'm very impressed! It's a great job you've done with this"
- Jeff Stoermer

"You have a real gem here"
- Richard Corey

"I got the CD and I like it!"
- Ozminski

"Just installed and watched the interview with the slideshow, GREAT idea, with very nice pics. Love the models and all the info. Great Job!"
- Michael Wolfe

"The gems are the restoration photos. Also the raw shots of the Yugosav bird are excellent. This is a great reference. I'm very much looking forward to spending hours viewing it."
- Barry Numerick

"Very nice and professional looking CD"
- Bing Wan
"Outstanding Service!"
- Tony P.

"Buffie's Best provides excellent service; don't be concerned about ordering from them."
- Brian J.

"I will just give feedback for my order... that "landed" Saturday the 5th in my mail box! It was just in perfect condition and I was very pleased to find your few words inside!"
- Roland F.