Welcome to BUFFIE's BEST Home
BUFFIE's BEST, 4-time winner of the George Lee International award, was created as the outlet for my love of aviation and scale modeling.

UPDATE: BUFFIE'S BEST has branched out of our area of interest to include aircraft and railroad photos. Many of our customers have asked to make these photos available for advertising purposes (AMTRAK, BNSF, Union Pacific) or simply as photo-to-canvas wall hangings (16x24). Please visit the News Page to see updated photos.

Our railroad photos are posted on a train web site called Railpictures and can be found here: www.railpictures.net/showphotos.php?userid=47198 There are currently over 3,000 photos that have received 5 million views collectively. If you see a photo that you would like to use for advertisements, illustrations, or even just as a decorative wall hanging (very nicely framed by Photobucket and ready to hang), please contact us or send an e-mail to buffiesbest@comcast.net.

The News and Events button will take you to other special news from the company or events related to scale modeling.

You can also see samples of my built models and perhaps see the quality that I strive for by replicating the original in miniature. I will often spend hundreds of hours scratch building and assembling very detailed parts and pieces. Through learning techniques from the "masters" such as George Lee, Dallas Lloyd, Mike McDanal, Shep Paine, and Kevin Suddarth, I have been able to build four models that have been graciously awarded the IPMS George Lee Memorial Award. This honor is bestowed upon the best miniature each year at the International Plastic Modeler's Society show and convention. The models were the scratch built 1/350 scale USS Texas (1998), a 1/48 scale Sea King Helicopter (1995), a 1/72 scale Dinah III Japanese reconnaissance airplane (1994), and a 1/72 scale M1A1 (HA) Abrams tank (2004). These four models are symbolically represented in the BUFFIE's BEST logo.

If you desire to learn how to build better scale models, please select the "Links" button, which will take you to some of my favorite sites.

Why BUFFIE? Over twenty years ago I was given the nickname, based on a misunderstanding of the characters from the classic TV show Family Affair. Well, let's just say that I owe Tim Stumpf either a beer or a kick in the pants.

Lastly, I need to acknowledge my lovely wife and three girls who have endured my many hours of sitting in front of either a computer or a modeling bench.


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